Sarkar issue sorted out

After multiple rounds of talks, the plagiarism problem that haunted Vijay’s ‘Sarkar’ was sorted out on Tuesday, after director A R Murugadoss came forward to give credits to Varun Rajendran, who claimed that the story of ‘Sarkar’ and his ‘Sengol’ is same.  A submission in this regard was made to the Madras High Court, following which the case was closed. The message to be displayed by Murugadoss reads: “After discussing for months, I wrote the script for ‘Sarkar’ and directed the movie. I came to know that one co-director Mr K V Rajendran @ Varun had also imagined the same theme and had registered his script with South Indian Film Writers Association. It adds: “I am recording this to praise upcoming co-director Varun for having imagined and having registered his script before I could. I am thankful to South Indian Film Writers’ Association for identifying a talented colleague.” In a video statement, Murugadoss maintained that the script of ‘Sarkar’ was his, but said he wanted to place on record his appreciation for Varun for conceiving a similar story. Following this, it has become certain that ‘Sarkar’ will hit the screens for Deepavali. It may be recalled that when Gopi Nainar, who directed ‘Aramm’ later, alleged that Murugadoss copied his story for ‘Kaththi’, a similar out-of-court settlement had reportedly happened.

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