sashi_natrajanLok Sabha Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai joined chorus with three AIADMK ministers who went on record to say Sasikala Natarajan should be the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in the absence of Jayalalitha Mr.Thambidurai appealed Sasikala Natarajan to accept the Chief Minster post to complete the unfinished work of Amma. Inthe4-page letter, He maintained the Indians have never accepted when leadership of a party and government isn’t the same hand. He cautioned that history says credibility will be lost if leadership of government is in two different hands. ‘Chinamma is intelligent and thinks alike Puratchi Thalaiva Amma. She is capable of taking decisions on her own, ‘he opined. The statements of AIADMK Ministers & lok Sabha Deputy Speaker has come after highly impressive speech of Sasikala Natarajan on Saturday soon after taking charge as General Secretary. She pledged to run the party with the same military discipline of Jayalalitha. This gave the confidence to party leaders and cadre that she could fulfill her duties without fail.