tdp4It seems ruling TDP resumed ‘Operation Akarsh’, a mantra to lure and encourage defection of elected representatives of opposition YSRCP. Speaking to media channel AP TDP President K Kala Venkat Rao told that to ensure their constituencies development few more YSRCP elected representatives will join TDP. He also rubbishes MP JC Diwakar Reddy comments and told that TDP won’t entertain any sort of in-disciplinary activities. On one hand PM Modi has been talking about electoral reforms to ensure transparency in the democratic systems, but both the Telugu States has been blatantly misusing Anti defection law. It looks like a big setback to YSRCP. In Telangana, already MPs and MLAs were defected into incumbent TRS and in Andhra Pradesh also both MPs and MLAs doing the same. In 2014 general elections YSRCP bagged 67 seats in the 175 member AP assembly and emerged as strong Opposition Party. But so far 20 MLAs have joined TDP.